Just go golfing and everything gets better

June 20, 2008

Want to make an awful week get better?
Do you need to relieve some stress?
Is the better half nagging you to do something you don’t want to do?
Did your boss make an a*shole out of you at the mid-week meeting?
Did you make a fool of yourself at the bar the other night?
Could your checkbook balance pass itself off as your handicap?
Does the price of gasoline make you want to hurl?
Did you go to the grocery store and see that price increases are starting to rival gasoline?
Did your kid strike out, with 2 outs, bases loaded, and the team was down by 1 run?

Well, maybe just one or two of those things happened to you this week, or last. I hope life is not treating you like a wicked stepchild.  If it is – I of course have the answer.

Just go golfing and everything gets better. A nice round of 18 holes on a brisk Saturday morning is just what the Dr ordered. A stroll down the lush green fairways will make your stress go away.

Just do it – you won’t be sorry. FORE!


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