America’s Healthcare Conundrum

July 12, 2007

As I see it we have a problem. Our system of healthcare is sick, but we cannot afford the costs of fixing it. So I have a novel idea of how to fix it, so nobody loses. The United States Government BUYS the Health Insurance Companies. Yes, a lock, stock and barrel purchase of the companies. It shouldn’t cost us any more than the estimated $1.4 TRILLION we will spend on Iraq, or at least not much more – and look at all the great property we get – most Health Insurance Companies have pretty nice digs. Sure we would have to go in debt to pay it, but what’s a few trillion more among friends. And all that money will just seep back into the economy as the stockholders reinvest it.

We retire off the overpaid CEO’s, VP’s and such. We retask those left with the job of IMPROVING this nation’s declining health.

I am a capitalist and believe that profit is not a dirty word, however making excessive profits from people’s misery is not moral. I want to see ALL Americans healthy, wealthy and wise. But we are not trending toward that instead we are moving slowly towards the abyss of negligence.

Over 55 million Americans have NO HEALTH INSURANCE. That is 55,000,000 of your children, nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers and neighbors. THAT IS HORRIBLE. They have no health insurance, but catastrophic medical events get covered – by OUR TAX DOLLARS. So see, we have socialized healthcare, it is just the MOST EXPENSIVE way to have it. Not to mention Medicare, a great program that has been very successful – it to is socialized medicine – and an efficiently run socialized medicine program at that.

Most employers pay in near or in excess of $1000 per month for a family of four to be covered by Health Insurance. Most employees pay a few hundred of that expense. That is a lot of money. Better managed and without the need to “turn a profit” these costs should decline.

Sure, my plan has flaws – heck, I only have about an hour invested in it. But at least it’s an idea. Let’s get a national conversation on healthcare started. And let’s make it real – not political.


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